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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoreStack?

CoreStack is an orchestration framework that allows you to perform your operational tasks on heterogeneous infrastructure by chaining various tools such as monitoring, logging, configuration management. CoreStack handles the lifecycle infra and application orchestration by stitching, provisioning, application deployment, monitoring and logging together a template and completing the cycle by event based orchestration such as auto scaling and auto healing. Thus ensuring end-to-end service delivery. Template is written in human readable YAML format.

What are the Cloud and Tools CoreStack supports?

CoreStack as a framework is built with an open architecture keeping in mind the technology innovations happening both in the platform and tools space. Most importantly there is a need to protect the investment done by enterprises in platform and tools.

Below are the integrations currently supported and open to build new integrations when needed.

TechnologyPlatforms & Tools
Public CloudAWS, Azure, Rackspace
Private CloudOpenstack, CloudStack
Configuration ManagementChef, Puppet, Ansible
ScriptsShell, Power Shell
MonitoringNagios, sFlow-RT

Do I need to convert or modify my existing scripts / chef cookbooks / puppet manifests?

CoreStack framework ensures that current investment and effort are utilized effectively. It does not replace any of the current set of tools that an enterprise or service provider uses. It is meant to work along with them and utilizes its capabilities. It has the relevant plugins available to use chef cookbooks, puppet manifests, shell scripts etc.

Can I use CoreStack to manage my non-virtualized environment or is it meant only for cloud?

CoreStack as an orchestration framework is meant to provide you a single pane to orchestrate any infrastructure. Be it non-virtualized, virtualized or cloud.

How do I create / build a template?

A template can be created in two ways. If you know how to write YAML, all you have to do is to create a file with YAML code and upload it to CoreStack. If you don’t know YAML or looking for quick and easy way of building a template, then we have a cool feature called “Template Builder”. It is simple to use drag and drop visual composer which can help you create templates in minutes.

How is CoreStack offered?

CoreStack is offered both as a hosted service and as On-premise installation. CoreStack is available in two editions that are differentiated by support and features. Subscription is priced based on the number of nodes (systems, hosts, instances, VMs, containers or devices) that are being managed using CoreStack. Please send an email to [email protected] with your high level infrastructure details to get relevant pricing info.

How do I get started?

CoreStack is running free trial account program as part of the early adopter program. All you need to do is to use the following link send an email to [email protected] to signup and start exploring.

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