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A Converged Orchestration framework is built on the principle of micro-service based architecture that converges various DSL’s and Configuration management to provide a unified orchestration platform. It also provides a cloud platform agnostic, highly available & scalable, easy to integrate platform. The modular nature of framework enables us to quickly spin off domain specific automation solution.

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The path to IT transformation is just seamless with this framework


Openness to integrate with tools and adoption of future technological needs is already factored in.

CoreStack is architected using the basic concept of micro-services to provide ease of upgrades with no service disruption and enable easier integration of third-party platforms and tools.

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Template is an easy to write and understand language that is based on YAML or YAQL that provides an easier way to chain various IT operational tasks to reduce dependencies, improve agility and control over your infrastructure. Additionally provide capability to support other DSL (Domain Specific Language) such as JSON, TOSCA etc..


Our Technology

Innovation through convergence

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multicloud-to-corestack-iconCoreStack - Multi-Cloud Operations Manager

Platform that provides features to integrate, standardise and manage your heterogenous infrastructure (Physical, Virtualised, Public and Private cloud)

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cloud-as-solution-iconCoreStack CLaaS

A cloud lab to practice technology corestack class icon

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sdn-as-a-solution-opendaylightCoreStack SDN App Store

Apps that provide specific network optimisation services and functionality

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workspacesCoreStack WorkSpaces

Self-Service infrastructure with absolute control

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